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Price $15,00 /day

Bike description

The bike is powered by a single-cylinder, 150cc, air-cooled engine is more than enough to handle Vietnams terrain without attracting unwanted attention from the authority’s.
It is equipped with electronic fuel injection systems DCP-FI to return higher power and fuel economy of about 50kmpl, Power is transmitted to the rear wheels via a 5-speed gearbox.
The suspension mechanism of the bike comprises of telescopic forks and twin shocks, adjustable 5 position at the front and rear, respectively, which equates to a very smooth ride for both rider and passenger.
All our Bikes include traveling accessories of your choice, options are…rear mounted GIVI box, side mounted GIVI box, rear backpack rack and side mounted backpack rack.

Discount Information

#TitleNumber (Day)Price
1Long term Rent (1 to 2 months )31 - 60$15,00 $10,00

Terms & Conditions

  1. The customer is responsible for damages to the bike caused through crashes or other external incidents.
  2. Customer will be charged at the local mechanic rates for damages caused to the bike.
  3. Customer may choose to replace crashed parts at official Yamaha, Suzuki or Honda stores should they not trust our quote.
  4. Customer must remember to check the brakes on the bike and we will not accept braking issues as a reason for the crash.
  5. Pioneer is not responsible for the driver’s safety. If the bike is damaged beyond repair or stolen the customer must pay the value of the bike stated at the start of this contract.
  6. Customers cannot lend the bike to other people to borrow or use without asking for Pioneer’s permission. Traveling on the Motorbike This is a city rental contract and a 300km / day limit applies, any excess km will be charged 1000vnd / km.
  7. If customer wants to travel on the bike they can take the passport back and leave a bond to the value of the bike.
  8. If customer gets stopped by the police, it is the customer’s responsibility to pay the fine. Flat Tires Flat tires do not justify a callout.
  9. Customers are responsible for fixing a flat. Flat tires should cost 20-50,000vnd to fix or 80-100,000vnd to replace innertubes on the roadside. If a customer cannot deal with a flat tire and requires a callout we will charge 100,000vnd + 80,000vnd for innertube. Do not blame us for flat tires! Callouts If the bike has run out of gas a 200,000VND callout will apply. We are not responsible for checking the fuel gauge accuracy.
  10. Please inform us if it is not working properly. Callouts where a mechanic can easily kick start the bike will be charged at 100,000vnd. Phone support and callouts are open from 8am to 8 pm. If the bike stops working out of hours then please park it in a sensible security place such as an apartment complex basement and arrange a callout within working hours.
  11. We are not responsible for taxi fares.
  12. Lost parking tickets or other random events will be charged at 100,000(within 5km)-200,000vnd( within 10 km) per trip made. Parking tickets can take several attempts to retrieve the motorbike.
  13. Abandoning the bike If the customer abandons the bike on the side of the road or has the bike confiscated by the police by leaving the motorbike in stupid places then Pioneer will help reclaim the motorbike for the same fee as a lost parking ticket.
  14. We have the right to cancel the contract and the customer’s deposit will be returned!
  15. Fixing the bike Pioneer will maintain and fix all elements of the bike for free if its the result of normal wear and tare, apart from flat tires and fixing/replacing inner tubes. If the bike does not start and has no electrics it is the customer’s responsibility to kick start the bike and bring it to our office when convenient.
  16. Please do not fix the motorbike with backstreet mechanics as they steal genuine parts from our bikes. We will not refund customers who attempt to fix the bike without getting our consent.
  17. Changing bikes/ plans and cancellations Customer may change the bike at any time if the bike has problems. We are relaxed about changing bikes and encourage people to do so if they are not happy.
  18. Customer has read and signed the contract and agreed to a fixed rental.
  19. The fixed rental price will not change. If customer changes plans and returns the bike earlier than described the original rental fee stated will still apply.

2 options:

  • By cash (the amount will be the value of the bike)
  • With original passport

Deposit will be returned when the bike is returned to Pioneertravel agency. If the bike returned has any damage Pioneertravel has the right to ask money or keep a part of the deposit to fix the damages.

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